Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bathroom Remodeling.

If you are a DIY type of person you may think that bathroom remodeling is just another project.  Remodeling bathrooms is a whole new ballgame!  What could go wrong?  Remodeling bathrooms is an extremely intricate process that requires a lot of know-how.  Some bathroom renovations often take an entire team of contractors and subcontractors.

Questions you should ask of yourself –

1.)        What is your skill level?
2.)        Don’t try to DIY with the plumbing or electrical work.
3.)        Be creative and share that vision with your contractor.
4.)        Don’t forget about the all-important inspections and codes.

When all is said and done you want to have bathrooms in your home that add beauty and value to your castle.  If you botch the project the opposite may occur!  That’s why you call Albuquerque’s bathroom remodeling professional company E M Plumbing.  Let the E M team evaluate the job by calling this phone number (505) 980-9334.  

Halloween Parties and Events in Albuquerque

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"If you're traveling to Albuquerque this October and looking for a fright to put you in the holiday spirit, the city has plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween."


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It is NOT all about Price.

Contracting without a license in New Mexico is against the law…pure and simple!  If a plumbing contractor is working without a license, the division may stop the whatever project they happen to be working on and file a criminal charge of unlicensed contracting in Metropolitan or Magistrate Court.

Penalties for unlicensed contracting are set out by law.  For example, if the dollar value of the contracting work is $5,000 or less, the contractor may be sentenced to the county jail for 90 days or to the payment of a fine of $300 to $500, or both.  If it is over $5000 then they may be facing 6 months in jail and a fine of 10% of the job…or even both.

You don’t play fast and loose with plumbers who say they can do the job for less, but cannot produce a valid New Mexico plumbing contractor license.  What you CAN do is count on E M Plumbing every time because in the Albuquerque area no licensed plumber will get the job done more efficiently for less.  Give E M Plumbing a call today at (505) 980-9334.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Annual Oktoberfest at Brandenburg Park, Oct 5-7

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"OCTOBER 5-7, 2018 - The annual Oktoberfest at Brandenburg Park includes microbreweries (with voting for the best brews), food and craft vendors, German “OOMPAH” Polka music, activities for kids, and so much  more."

Monday, September 17, 2018

Water Mains…A Main Topic.

Water mains are one of those things that you would rather not deal with.  If your current water main is having problems, then it's likely going to result in major problems for you. If you're trying to install a new water main in your home or business, then you want to be sure it's done right the first time…guaranteed!

Here are some things that a trained professional will look for –

1.  Access…obstructions such as trees must be factored into the job.
2.  How deep does the hole need to be dug?
3.  Will extreme temperature changes throughout the year need to be factored in?
4.  Obtaining the proper permits.

Eric and his team of pros has been serving the Albuquerque area with all of its water main needs for years.  It does not matter the size of the job, be it an existing family home, a new construction or one of ABQ’s many businesses E M Plumbing is always the right choice for water main installation or repair.  Give Eric a call at (505) 980-9334.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

¡Globalquerque! 2018: September 21-22

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"¡Globalquerque! 2018 will take place at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (1701 4th St SW, at Avenida César Chávez). Enjoy musical performances in the intimate courtyard setting of the Fountain Courtyard, the state of the art 692-seat Albuquerque Journal Theatre and dance outside on the Plaza Mayor."


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Cooler Weather is Nearly Here.

Indeed it is!  As the seasons change we generally switch to central heating in another month or so.  When we do, will our heating system be working up to capacity?  When you want to heat your home, you switch on the boiler with an electric switch.  Voila, it works each and every time…right?

What is supposed to happen is that a valve will open then gas enters a sealed combustion chamber in the boiler through a myriad of small jets, and an electric ignition system sets them ablaze.  The gas jets play onto a heat exchanger connected to a pipe carrying cold water.  The average life expectancy of a gas boiler is 10-15 years.

Where do you stand in your Albuquerque area home?  Have you simply lost track of how long your home’s boiler has been cranking along keeping you warm every winter?  Now is a great time to have your boiler checked by Eric and the pros at E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  There is no room for surprises.  Call Eric at (505) 980-9334.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Labor Day Weekend Events in the Albuquerque Area

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"The Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the end of summer and heralds the upcoming fall season. Labor Day in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area ushers in special festivals and events where you can try some delicious New Mexico wines, microbrews, chiles, or exotic concoctions of foods on a stick."


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Oh No, A Broken Water Line.

When a water line inside your home breaks, it usually doesn’t take long to know it.  Fittings and connections in supply lines are the most common culprit in these events, as are things like nails from construction projects or vibrating pipes.  Not every leak is that obvious to find and needs to be troubleshot as well.

There are minor leaks and those that are underground, either under a home’s foundation or between the street or well and the house.  What causes these particular leaks?  They are typically caused by deterioration from age or that occur because the house or the ground is settling.  In rare cases, the break is caused by freezing.

A burst pipe is obvious…a leaky one, not so much.  At the very first sign of a broken water line please pick up your phone and call Eric of E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  He and his team serve all of the plumbing and HVAC needs in the Albuquerque area.  Keep Eric’s number handy.  Call (505) 980-9334.

Albuquerque Public Schools Calendar 2018-19

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School is back in session and there are some dates that should be marked on your calendar.

Friday, August 3, 2018

2018 Under the Stars Summer Concert Series

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"Presented by the NM Jazz Workshop, the 2018 Under the Stars Summer Concert Series features live music from a variety of bands. Salsa, Blues, and Jazz, just to name a few. Come and enjoy your beautiful summer weekend at the Albuquerque Museum."


Don’t Forget to have your Boiler Serviced.

As a business owner it is attention to details that has made you successful.  Every aspect of your operation is on your mind at one time or another.  How often do you think about your commercial boiler?  I didn’t think so!  A boiler breaking down in the middle of a work day would be a safety hazard to your employees and customers.

Just what constitutes commercial boiler servicing anyway?  Commercial boiler servicing is, first and foremost, about giving you peace of mind regarding its safety.  How important is that?  This assures you that your boiler is operating properly, while also checking that its seals, gaskets, and heat exchanger does not show any signs of damage.

Keeping your boiler working at its peak efficiency can be peace of mind or an emergency.  Don’t let it become the latter!  Call Eric of E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  They are your answer in the Albuquerque area for a trouble-free and efficient boiler in your business.  Make that call before the weather changes at (505) 980-9334.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

What was that Sound?

You never want to be saying that this time of year as it pertains to your Albuquerque home’s air conditioning system.  Strange sounds are often the first sign that we get that our whole house air conditioning system is about to go out.  Above all else, do not ignore the signs!  The summer of 2018 has a long way to go…and what about future summers?

Then there are times when something isn’t quite right with the plumbing in your home or your a/c system.  It can be difficult to determine exactly what is wrong. We have experience working with virtually every make and model of equipment.  After all, we have been doing it for many years in the ABQ area, so we have just about seen it all.

We are E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  The name itself should give you great comfort in choosing us for all of your plumbing, HVAC needs, and related emergencies in the Albuquerque area.  I am Eric Montoya, proud to be the president of this company and to manage my great employees.  When you need us, we will be a phone call away at (505) 980-9334.

Route 66 Summerfest - Albuquerque, July 21st

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"This free event features fun for the whole family including the Old Route 66 Car Show, Mother Road Art Market, Kids Zone & Youth Central, food trucks and live entertainment in Nob Hill on Central Ave. from Girard Blvd. to Washington St. Join us!"

Monday, July 2, 2018

Fix That Line.

You might be chanting that about your favorite football team, but in this case, it refers to damaged or broken water lines at your home or business.  How much does it cost to replace a broken water line and how long does it take?  These are questions that you may be asking, and the answers vary with location and severity.

Here are some steps that a professional plumber will take-

1.  They locate the main valve
2.  It must be shut off at the area where water enters your home
3.  A pipe cutter is used to remove the section in question
4.  Expertly, cut a section of copper pipe used for the repair

Just like any other maintenance job, it is a step-by-step process that, when followed by a pro with years of experience will be guaranteed to fix the problem.  That man is Eric Montoya and his water line repair crew at E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  The Albuquerque area has counted on their plumbing expertise for a very long time.  Give them a call at (505) 980-9334.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Freedom 4th - City of Albuquerque

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"Come to Balloon Fiesta Park to celebrate our country's Independence Day.  Enjoy the largest firework show in the state, food, local beer in the Microbrew Garden and free children activities during Freedom 4th"

Friday, June 15, 2018

Before You Turn On…Tune In.

With apologies to 1960’s pop culture guru Timothy Leary, we are talking about your home’s air conditioning here.  Maybe you are just about to or are in the early stages of using your home’s air conditioning for the summer of 2018.  Don’t wait until it is too late and Albuquerque area temperatures reach mid-summer highs.

Here are some steps to follow when you turn on and crank up the a/c in your home –

1.  Check the condenser unit located outside.
2.  Look carefully at the evaporator unit attached to your furnace, perhaps.
3.  Is the thermostat outdated?
4.  Check exposed ductwork for wear and tear.
5.  Look carefully at the air vents.
6.  Check the drain line.

Air conditioning checks and replacements are one of our many specialties at E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  Don’t wait until summer gets its stranglehold on your household.  Call us for an in-home inspection of your home’s air conditioning system anywhere in the ABQ area and we will give you a fair an honest appraisal of its future.  That’s (505) 980-9334.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bringing it Up to Code.

It is vitally important that your new home is up to code especially as it pertains to the installation of piping.  Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of a new construction project is installing the plumbing that links the building to the underground water supply and waste lines.  This is true in residential and commercial construction as well.

There are several considerations plumbers must consider to make sure the plumbing is supplied to every part of the building where it is needed.  The plumber who is chosen must adhere to all local building codes, and also must guarantee that your plumbing installation will be compliant with all regulations.

Attention construction companies in the Albuquerque area!    Eric has headed up a great group of plumbers and specializes in new construction piping installation in the ABQ area.  Before you break ground, make sure that E M Plumbing is on board by calling (505) 980-9334.
Eric Montoya and his crew at E M Plumbing is the right choice!

World Oceans Week, Albuquerque

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"Whether you live along the coast or far inland, you are connected to the world's oceans. Created in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, World Ocean Day is an opportunity to celebrate oceans and our personal connection to the sea. This year, we celebrate World Ocean Day all week long!"

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Is Your Hot Water Heater “Long in the Tooth”?

Just what is the life expectancy of a hot water heater?  The average life expectancy of a tank water heater is about eight to 15 years. After 10 years, its operating efficiency dramatically reduces.  So, as it enters double digits in age look for tell-tale signs that it may need to be replaced.  Let’s avoid catastrophe…shall we!

Here are some signs to look for –

1.  You start hearing strange noises…usually due to sediment build-up.
2.  You notice that the water is becoming rust-colored.
3.  Water builds up at the bottom of the tank.
4.  The water it dispenses is cooler than usual.

If you live somewhere long enough you simply must eventually replace your faithful water heater.  That is a job for the Albuquerque area water heater professionals at E M Plumbing.  When that time comes, call Eric to come in and have a look so he can give you an estimate.  Keep cool and stay hot!  Call E M Plumbing at (505) 980-9334.

Albuquerque Wine Festival, May 26 - 28

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Dates: May 26, 2018 - May 28, 2018 
Recurrence: Recurring daily 
5000 Balloon Fiesta Pkwy., Albuquerque, NM 87113  

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Staying in Hot Water.

This is not good advice unless it pertains to the water that comes out of your tap when you need it to be hot.  Generally speaking, Albuquerque area residents don’t want to know the inner-workings of their boiler system.  When the hot water gives out, you may wish you knew more about its potential breakdown BEFORE it happened!

Here are a few things you may want to know -

1.  Do boilers actually boil water?
2.  Do you have a standard or high-efficiency boiler?
3.  Why do they suddenly stop working?
4.  Do boilers prevent humidity problems?
5.  Are you wasting water or energy?

All of these questions, and others, can be answered by Eric Montoya and the boiler experts at E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  If your boiler system needs repair or replacement in the Albuquerque area immediately call Eric to come out to your home and troubleshoot the problem.  That phone number is (505) 980-9334.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Why You May Need a Home Inspection.

It does not matter if you are buying a new home or have lived in your castle for decades, home inspections for your plumbing and HVAC systems are the key to proper maintenance.  Some actually believe that such inspections are an unnecessary expense but, inspections will actually save you more money in the long run!

HVAC systems are one of the least inspected areas of a new home.  Are you aware that almost half of the insurance claims result from faulty systems?  Why does this happen?  It occurs probably because when new homes are inspected the heating OR the air conditioning will be scrutinized due to the time of year.

Proper inspection and maintenance is necessary for a complete home inspection.  That is where Eric Montoya of E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical comes in.  Eric and his team are Albuquerque’s thorough HVAC home inspection experts.  Please give him a call today…no matter the age of your ABQ area home at (505) 980-9334.

The Adobe Theater - Black Coffee

(Click the link above for more information)

"A little hidden treasure in the North Valley."

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Installing a PEX Plumbing System.

We know that it is not a topic to which you pay a lot of attention, but eventually it may affect you and your new home.  We want you to know how it is done.  First of all, PEX (or crosslinked polyethylene) is part of a water supply piping system that has several advantages over metal pipe or rigid plastic pipe.

When we install a new PEX system in your ABQ area home we –

1.  Drill through the stud plate.
2.  Run all of the water lines.
3.  Pull, then secure those lines.
4.  Apply crimps and position the fittings.
5.  And, in the end, connect the water lines.

It is not simple, but it is necessary to attain the best plumbing system for your home.  Here at E M Plumbing we are your Albuquerque area experts at installing PEX plumbing systems.  Note to contractors and to new home buyers…give us a call before you are ready to install PEX.  I am Eric Montoya of E M Plumbing at (505) 980-9334.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Is it Time to Flush your Water Heater?

Springtime is a great time to take care of annual household duties.  Flushing your home’s water heater is a perfect example.  How long has it been and why does it need to be done?  Your water heater needs regular maintenance for top performance. A water heater flush clears out sediment and minerals, such as calcium and lime, that could impede your heater’s performance.

How is it done by a professional?  A technician attaches a hose to your tank, empties it into an approved drain, then fills the water back up. In the process, they clear out sediment and other buildup inside the tank and provide a clean unimpeded surface for heating water. In most cases, rods will be inspected and cleaned as well as ventilation and other important parts.

It’s time to pay attention to your water heater to ensure longer life and save lots of money in the long-run.  For decades people in Albuquerque have turned to Eric Montoya of E M Plumbing.  He and his team are water heater repair and replacement professionals in ABQ and the surrounding area.  Give him a call today at (505) 980-9334.

Annual Village Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, March 31, 2018

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"The Village of Los Ranchos will host our annual Easter Egg Hunt for children under 12 at Hartnett Park located at 6718 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107. "


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Boiler Repair and Installation.

As boiler systems age, they can lose energy efficiency or even stop working altogether. That’s why it’s a good idea to have yours serviced every year not just when you notice a problem…that may be too late!  There are two aspects to consider here…can I get by with a repair…or do I need to replace the boiler?

Over the years we’ve found that homeowners can extend the life of a boiler system with regular service.  We are focused on maintaining the safety, efficiency, and dependability of boilers and water heating systems. Home boiler maintenance and efficiency testing are not only important for their longevity; it’s extremely important to ensure your home’s safety.

Now is the time to prevent future problems with your home’s comfort.  Call me…Eric Montoya the boiler repair and replacement professional here in Albuquerque.  I am the owner of E M Plumbing serving the entire ABQ area.  I will come into your home or office and troubleshoot your boiler.  Call today at (505) 980-9334.


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"Join us for a memorable journey through some of Albuquerque's most majestic scenery.

Every day at 10am (11am Dec-Feb) Routes Bicycle Tours leads a leisurely, scenic ride along the famous Bosque River Trail starting from our nearby location."

Friday, February 16, 2018

February Vacations in New Mexico

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"When northern states experience harsh, cold temperatures in February, many places in central and southern New Mexico experience milder weather."

Drip, Drip, Drip.

An old commercial used this to describe stomach acid.  If you have a faucet or faucets in your home that continues to drip it can create an upset stomach from the annoyance.  During each use, the washer is forced against the valve seat, and this constant friction and resistance causes it to wear out. As a result, you notice dripping around the spout.

Here are some of the causes of an annoying leaky faucet –

1.  Damage parts such as O rings, inlet or outlet seals.
2.  An old, worn out cartridge.
3.  The water pressure may be too high.
4.  Possibly, a broken pipe or fitting.

Stop being frustrated by a leaky faucet!  Call a pro to tackle the problem.  Your Albuquerque area professional plumber is Eric Montoya the owner of E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  Leaks in your home or office will disappear quickly when you call his team to come in and troubleshoot the problem.  That number is (505) 980-9334.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

It Ain’t Over ‘Til it’s Over.

Ah, the immortal words of Yogi Berra.  These words (please excuse the grammar) ring true this time of year in the Albuquerque area.  We are close enough to the desert southwest to believe that winter is just about over, but as residents for many years, we know that just is simply not the case.  It has a way to go.

That means simply this…if your furnace has been limping along this winter then it may be about to go out.  Whether it is an ABQ home or business that is just unacceptable this time of year!  What are you going to do…wear heavy coats indoors until May?  Maybe your heating system just needs a repair or maybe it needs to be replaced.

Whatever the case the answer in this area for decades has been Eric Montoya and his team at EM Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  We won’t try to sell you a bill of goods.  We will come to your home or business and check your entire heating system, then make a recommendation.  Stay comfortable throughout the winter and call us at (505) 980-9334.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Valentine's Day in Albuquerque, NM

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"For the couple looking for a cultural experience like no other, Albuquerque is calling your name.
Admiring ancient rock drawings, exploring breath-taking canyons, and strolling through the many pueblos is all par for the course in Albuquerque."

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Time to Address Your Bathroom.

There is a topic that we don’t think about every day, but when the time comes to remodel your bathroom it is a significant decision.  Your family spends many combined hours a day using one or more of them in your home.  Perhaps one of your bathrooms either needs remodeling or you would just like to upgrade the facilities.

There are as many ideas as there are bathrooms.  Perhaps the best place to start is to visit the internet for bathroom remodeling ideas.  Your first consideration is who uses that particular bath, shower, toilet, sink, etc.  Is it the second or third bathroom or is it the master bath which you may want to devote more time and money to get it right?

Your vision comes to fruition when you contact the right company.  The answer is Albuquerque bathroom remodeling expert Eric Montoya of E M Plumbing and Heating.  Please give Eric a call and start the New Year right by realizing your dream of a newly remodeled bathroom.  He and his team are just a phone call away at (505) 980-9334.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

(Click the link above for more information)

"Owned and run by the 19 Indian Pueblos of New Mexico, this important center showcases the history of the Pueblo people through ancient artifacts, dance demonstrations and art exhibits."

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Oh, Oh, It’s Going to get Cold around here Real Fast!

What are the telltale signs that you should replace your furnace?  I know, you don’t want to think about it, but you had better do so as the New Year is upon us.  It is not going to warm up any time soon and a new furnace is not just for now, but for many years in the future.  Albuquerque area winters are cold and harsh.

Here are some of the signs –

1.  Obviously, old age.  The life expectancy of a natural gas furnace is just under 20 years.
2.  Your energy bills are rising.  Efficiency decreases and bills increase.
3.  Frequent repairs.  It is costing more to keep it going than to replace it.
4.  Some rooms are warmer than others.
5.  If you have a mostly yellow flame it is producing too much carbon monoxide.

That last point is a serious one.  It is not only inefficient, but downright dangerous!  When you notice any of these traits call Albuquerque area heating expert Eric Montoya of E M Plumbing and Heating.  Warm, safe air in ABQ is just a phone call away.  Get a free estimate right away by calling (505) 980-9334.