Monday, July 2, 2018

Fix That Line.

You might be chanting that about your favorite football team, but in this case, it refers to damaged or broken water lines at your home or business.  How much does it cost to replace a broken water line and how long does it take?  These are questions that you may be asking, and the answers vary with location and severity.

Here are some steps that a professional plumber will take-

1.  They locate the main valve
2.  It must be shut off at the area where water enters your home
3.  A pipe cutter is used to remove the section in question
4.  Expertly, cut a section of copper pipe used for the repair

Just like any other maintenance job, it is a step-by-step process that, when followed by a pro with years of experience will be guaranteed to fix the problem.  That man is Eric Montoya and his water line repair crew at E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  The Albuquerque area has counted on their plumbing expertise for a very long time.  Give them a call at (505) 980-9334.

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