Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It is NOT all about Price.

Contracting without a license in New Mexico is against the law…pure and simple!  If a plumbing contractor is working without a license, the division may stop the whatever project they happen to be working on and file a criminal charge of unlicensed contracting in Metropolitan or Magistrate Court.

Penalties for unlicensed contracting are set out by law.  For example, if the dollar value of the contracting work is $5,000 or less, the contractor may be sentenced to the county jail for 90 days or to the payment of a fine of $300 to $500, or both.  If it is over $5000 then they may be facing 6 months in jail and a fine of 10% of the job…or even both.

You don’t play fast and loose with plumbers who say they can do the job for less, but cannot produce a valid New Mexico plumbing contractor license.  What you CAN do is count on E M Plumbing every time because in the Albuquerque area no licensed plumber will get the job done more efficiently for less.  Give E M Plumbing a call today at (505) 980-9334.

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