Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Turn on the Gas.

Well, before you do that you have to install the gas lines in your new Albuquerque home.  That is a project for a professional.  However, we want you to understand the process.  It is best to be informed as to how these new gas lines are being installed so that you have a better grasp of how your new home’s gas system is working.

Here are some of the steps toward installing a new gas line –

1.  Getting the right pipes and fittings for each unique job
2.  Extending the existing gas line by fitting the valves and pipe lengths
3.  Using the correct flexible pipe when connecting an appliance
4.  Spreading the proper mixture of water and dish liquid over each seam

These are some of the things that Eric Montoya of E M Plumbing will be doing.  Eric is a professional gas line installer of new homes in Albuquerque and the surrounding area.  Construction companies and home owners would do well getting to know Eric for all of their plumbing needs.  Give him a call at (505) 980-9334.

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