Monday, July 3, 2017

Installing a New Natural Gas Line.

This is NOT a DIY job.  Okay, do we understand each other?  I hope so!  I think most of us know that before we even begin this discussion.  Are you having a new stove installed or are you  replacing an old one?  Keep in mind that gas leaks are the most common cause of fire-related accidents.

First of all, the floor in front of the stove should be covered with cardboard.  Your home must already have its own natural gas line that has been installed by a licensed supplier.  The new gas range will be brought to the kitchen where it will be installed.  This is only the beginning of the project.

From here, holes need to be cut, and measurements need to be taken.  Think professional.  Think about someone who has done this over and over again for years.  Think about Eric Montoya.  Eric is Albuquerque’s natural gas line installation professional.  Anytime you need a pro call Eric Montoya at (505) 980-9334.

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