Monday, June 5, 2017

Don’t Touch that Gas Line!

We hope that you know better.  That long tube is like a rattlesnake with an attitude.  It is not something that an untrained professional should ever mess with!  Take a gas leak in your home or business VERY seriously.  It is not only costly if you try to do it yourself, it is also potentially extremely dangerous.

So, what are the common issues with gas line repair?  In many cases water that has been dripping on pipes may have lead to corrosion.  Another surprisingly common problem in ABQ is that the pipes were installed improperly in the first place.  There is another typical problem that causes a gas leak…the thread sealant dries out.

The bottom line is that gas leaks at your home or office should be dealt with only by a licensed professional.  In our area that company is EM Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  They are Albuquerque’s safe gas line repair expert.  From the first sight or smell go right to your phone and call EM at (505) 980-9334.

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