Friday, August 3, 2018

2018 Under the Stars Summer Concert Series

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"Presented by the NM Jazz Workshop, the 2018 Under the Stars Summer Concert Series features live music from a variety of bands. Salsa, Blues, and Jazz, just to name a few. Come and enjoy your beautiful summer weekend at the Albuquerque Museum."


Don’t Forget to have your Boiler Serviced.

As a business owner it is attention to details that has made you successful.  Every aspect of your operation is on your mind at one time or another.  How often do you think about your commercial boiler?  I didn’t think so!  A boiler breaking down in the middle of a work day would be a safety hazard to your employees and customers.

Just what constitutes commercial boiler servicing anyway?  Commercial boiler servicing is, first and foremost, about giving you peace of mind regarding its safety.  How important is that?  This assures you that your boiler is operating properly, while also checking that its seals, gaskets, and heat exchanger does not show any signs of damage.

Keeping your boiler working at its peak efficiency can be peace of mind or an emergency.  Don’t let it become the latter!  Call Eric of E M Plumbing Heating and Mechanical.  They are your answer in the Albuquerque area for a trouble-free and efficient boiler in your business.  Make that call before the weather changes at (505) 980-9334.